TOP 3 Videos of Extraordinary LEGO Machines

LEGO Bridge Girder

You're 35 and have lots and lots of free time. What do you do? Design the weirdest, most useless LEGO machines in the world. And get millions of views on YouTube.

3. LEGO 360° Milling Machine

This machine almost feels like a 3D printer, except reversed. You put in a sizeable chunk of soft material and this 360° Milling Machine makes practically anything you want out of it. A bust of your mum to fill in the gap in your library, perhaps?

Author Arthur Sacek improved on the previous version of this machine made of LEGO Technics and Mindstorms. You link it to you PC and operate like a real milling machine. Being made out of LEGO, it's an interesting spin on a type of machine more than 200 years old.

2. LEGO Axle Sorter AS-L40A

Sorting axles is a problem every LEGO Technic fan had to deal with more than once. Now, there's a LEGO machine for that! You just pour mixed axles on one side a the machine sorts them out by their size into neat LEGO boxes. What a feeling.

The true ultimate LEGO creation would of course be a machine that would completely sort every standard and technic piece in existence.? That'd of course take some fun out of the whole LEGO thing, but then again, why not.

1. Coconut Cracker

That's a real nutcracker! German-made LEGO machine is not a very effective way to open a coconut, yet shows well the endless possibilities of LEGO. One would assume a few pieces of man-made plastic mean nothing against the allmighty nature. 1:0 for LEGO.

Still, the fastest way to crack open a coconut is... to crack it against a sharp rock or a concrete edge. Just so that you know.


Bridge Girder SLJ 500-18