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Spelunky - free for download game

At the first sight, Spelunky looks like a simple platformer game. Spelunky is a simple free to download platformer game. With a twist, though. Is is inspired by the classic platformers. You become an explorer of caves - which are random generated on each new play.


SimCity - freeware game for download

SimCity is a city-building computer game now made available by Electronic Arts as free for download. SimCity, created by now famous Will Wright, puts you into the position of mayor of a developing metropolis. You build houses, commercial zones, industries, sources of power and so on.



Supaplex is a free PC logic game for download. This great and unforgettable video game was developed by Philip Jespersen and Michael Stop from Switzerland in 1991. Yet, it is still great fun! Play Supaplex and solve all the puzzles it brings in front of you...

Battle for Wesnoth

Battle for Wesnoth - download a free game

For all the oh-so-many gamers who fell in love with Heroes of Might & Magic, here's an alternative. The Battle for Wesnoth is a free, turn-based fantasy strategy game available for free download for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and many other platforms. It's got multiplayer and even the forgotten hot-seat option for more players to play at one computer!


Freeciv screenshot - download Civilization game for free

There once was a great game called Civilization developed by Sid Meier. Now you can download for free an open-source freeware remake of this game for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and even Android platforms! The goal of this marvellous turn-based strategy game is simple: become the greatest civilization of the world!

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