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Classic Mines

Classic Mines - download game for free

Everybody has played Mines sometime in their lives. Even me. For a short time. Some people apparently love playing this game and we have no right to deny them this wonderful opportunity. So, here you are! Classic Mines is a free for download game in the best Mines fashion. Should there be anyone who doesn't know how to play Mines... well, ask your elders!

UFO: Alien Invasion

UFO: Alien Invasion - download game for free

Now, there's no better computer game EVER than UFO: Enemy Unknown (or X-COM: UFO Defense for Northern America). Agreed? If so, we can go on. Allow me to present to you UFO: Alien Invasion, the modern-day open-source remake of the XCOM classics.

Battlefield Play4Free


Any Battlefield fans out there? Battlefield Play4Free is a great free for play online game by Electronic Arts. If you've never went through the battle frenzy of any game from the Battlefield series before, here's your chance!


Colonization - free for download game

Colonization is a free for download puzzle game. The player sees a grid of coloured blocks. His home block is marked with the flag. Gamer's goal is to turn all the blocks to the same colour as the colour of your home block. Simple controls, great fun. Download and play right now!



A great free platform-puzzle games. It has over 50 stages, unlockables, enchanting music, and above all very solid, difficult-but-let’s-try-one-more-time gameplay. DOWNLOAD GAME FOR FREE.

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